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Commercial body E-tagging is a new device and app based innovation used to track farm life-cycle, well-being, and sales traction. The innovation is designed for farm cereal crops and livestock (for tracking identity, monitoring and evaluating Farm sales traction and product well-being and E-messaging to ventinary doctors, mentors, consultants or ancillary care department). Our Brand Commercial Body E-tags innovation will be a point for America market entry, especially for American I.T experts, or investors as well as prototype American farm owners.         
In order to finalize our Commercial Body E-tagging device and app for our farm livestock and cereal crops as well as associated farms in Nigeria, within the stipulated years we want to bring an American I.T savvy expert or partner organisation into our Agribusiness Venture. Intrinsically driven by our E-tagging, we will be Increasing the farm produce of Vitamin A fortified dried yellow maize concentrates and table eggs sales to 1000 Dollars/month via direct sales of 9 tons of maize grain and table eggs, which means we need to expand our current 30 hectares to 50 hectares maize plantation, that include 1000 Point of Lay livestock. Also, staffs will be increased to 8 shift employees since the farm, storage and processing equipment will expand.

Also I planned to educate myself on the customs and business etiquette of the America market. Entering the foreign market incubator will make sure I know the country’s history, the proper way to greet Americans, the ordinary times for lunch. Making sure I am with them in the expected way within their society and drive sustainable exchange and business knowledge together. We believe this innovation will raise farm owners and agroprenuers as top 3 earners in Nigeria by 2030, and by 2063 in Africa.

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In Nigeria, there are over 30 million hectares of farmland under cultivation season to season,
falling substantially short of the estimated 78.5 million hectares of land that is required for farming
to feed Nigeria's growing population. As one of our objectives, Gwise is feed the nation through farming.


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We exit to produce high quality Vitamin a fortified Dried Yellow Maize and associated livestock products under the best work and hygienic environment, for small scale livestock farmers and feed millers and cereal concentrates users, irrespective of their locations.
Rice/Maize Concentrates85%
Enterprise Development80%
Bio Gas Feeders60%
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