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Entreprenuers For Peace Initiative

Joblessness is the root cause of many communities unrest threatening National security. Fostering entrepreneurship is the remedy. ENTREPRENEURS FOR PEACE INITIATIVE aims to promote economic growth by creating awareness interface for Government-youth partnerships in agri-business to promote best production practices and expand the availability of quality crops and added value derivatives.

The Federal government through the Fadama 11 Additional funding is inclined to empowering hundreds of potential youths as agroprenuers in order to become employment of labors and this will reduce unemployment in the states. Our initiative will look at how peace-entrepreneurs are crucial in conflict and post-conflict environments to address peace challenges, and how the use of entrepreneurship can scale up the outputs of peace-oriented business in the region. Indeed, when technology is used effectively it can amplify voices for peace and empower local communities and entrepreneurs looking for alternatives to violence through a market-oriented business approach. The initiative will also argue that a peace-driven local business network can be as powerful as the post-conflict international aid typically provided by international donors.

The initiative will focus in particular on an analysis of the PeaceStartup initiative developed in Ekiti State-Nigeria in collaboration with identified peace actors and resource persons across west Africa. This initiative is aimed at promoting peace-entrepreneurs through a co-innovation process among relevant actors based on a specific methodology grounded in the state.
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