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Children as Peace builders.

Typcially, Weekend's days get busy for GCPI-Nigeria. Our staffs and key volunteers now focuses in engaging school children in building processes. Processes entail engaging with children constructively by teaching them good values, tolerance and respect for fellow peers.

We educate them on bullying and enlighten them attacks on fellow learners will inhibit their learning experience, and if education stops, the community is at risk. Psychologically, this induces safer schools that translates to peaceful societies.

According to a recent publication on Theirworld Website, Samuel Adewumi (GCPI Founder/Project Director) opined that Learning this at a young age should instil a sense of community and a respect for the importance of education, thereby translating to safer schools and peaceful communities.

he bottom line is that sustainable peace begins with the children and observers of conflict times in Nigeria. GCPI-Nigeria says Sustainable peace is possible by walking the talks.
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