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As a Peace Advocate, I have pledged to be a critical yeast to shape a more sustained and peaceful Nigeria and Africa. A country resilience, reflects in her youths and their activities. Currently, Africa youths had now inherited those activities, they had not created. Therefore, the the best bet is to seek constructively opportunities in the following 6 key areas.
  2. SPORT
  3. MEDIA
  6. LAW
Agriculture, renewable energy and civic engagement are the obvious future for Africa and the youths must position themselves in these areas to reduce the looming socio economic pressure in various countries in Africa. Nobody is left behind in achieving the pillar for peace, as such the 17 united sustainable development goals developed by the united Nations. Many a person has rightly observed, we cannot preach peace to hungry populace, hence, eradication of poverty and hunger is key to climb the ladder of achieving peace altogether. As rightly enunciated by Dr. Zebulun Takwa, Peace and development Advisor, United Nations, Abuja at the NY4P1 RYSCVE Stepped down Plan, the foot soldiers of violent extremism are likely to be those that lack sufficiency in the goals, especially that of education, governance and recognition of the people. 

Women and the youths (who are largely marginalized and disadvantaged) can set the next Agenda for Nigeria political decision. This can be achieved, if the youths can come together and operate under a major umbrella in one voice and Accord. In his speech Mr Adeniran Lawal, Cordinator NY4PI enunciated that recent debate on countering and preventing violence extremism have challenged the traditional philosophy regarding youths as victims or as perpetrators of myriad of violent conflict in the world. Youth are now seen as part of the solution, special thanks to the Africa youth Charter and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250. He further implored youth to tap in the several opportunities on how youths can counter and prevent violent extremism in their various communities. 
Currently, we are formulating and registering the first of its kind in Nigeria and across Africa of Network of Youth on CVE. This will be a major product of the Search for Common Ground-Nigeria Efforts to unite Nigeria youths across the geopolitical zones to fight constructively and counter/prevent violent extremism in Nigeria and it is a pull of well acclaimed peace advocates in Nigeria. 
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